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Odin AI is a website that offers an enterprise productivity tool called Odin AI, which includes features such as a translator agent, conversational AI, AI note-taker, and automator.

ChatGPT Extensions

Monica is a ChatGPT AI Assistant Chrome extension that serves as an AI assistant for chatting, drawing, writing, reading, and accessing OpenAI's GPT, offering features such as translation, text explanation, and summarization


Beducated is the #1 online platform for sexual health & happiness, offering a unique library of 100+ online courses created by top experts to help individuals improve their love lives within a safe space, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, or sexual experience.


Nichesss is an AI-powered platform that generates content and business ideas in less than 60 seconds, using machine learning algorithms to create unique and tailored text for various purposes across different industries

Stableboost is a platform that allows users to create personalized and realistic images of people, products, or pets in various styles using AI, with a focus on privacy and ownership of the generated images

Social Networks

By Automata is a platform that uses AI to repurpose videos and content, delivering insights and thought leadership across various channels.

Life Assistants
Guided offers AI-generated guided meditation sessions tailored to individual needs, providing a unique and effective experience for users.

Abney is a platform that helps businesses create profitable podcasts by automating written assets and providing insights into audience preferences.

No Code
Wand AI is an AI platform that provides world-class analytics capabilities, including predictive analytics, to regular business users without deep technical knowledge.