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Box AI

Box AI is an enterprise-grade AI solution that allows users to unlock the value of their enterprise content, generate content in seconds, and make mission-critical decisions faster and with confidence.


Craft is a document creation platform that emphasizes impactful projects, team collaboration, integrated tools, and structured document organization for personal and business use cases

Chat with PDF is an AI-powered service that allows users to interact with their PDF documents, ask questions, and receive instant answers based on the information within the documents


Petal is an AI-powered document analysis platform that enables users to chat with their documents, providing fully sourced and reliable answers through context-aware generative AI

DocGPT is a web-based PDF editor powered by GPT-4, allowing users to ask questions about and generate content from PDF documents, making it especially useful for students and professionals working with contracts and research documents


Docalysis is an AI-powered platform that analyzes PDF, TXT, CSV, or DOCX files and answers any question you have about your documents, saving you time and providing accurate answers.

Docanalyzer AI

DocAnalyzer.AI is an ever-evolving platform that uses AI to enhance document analysis experience and offers an API designed for flexibility to suit specific use cases.

Macro PDF Editor is a website that offers a cloud-based documentation software designed to manage all legal and financial documents, as well as an all-in-one productivity suite that includes tools for hyperlinking key terms and automating computer tasks.


Scribe is a tool that automatically generates step-by-step guides for any process, allowing users to create documentation faster and easier, saving time and increasing productivity.