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Liner is an AI copilot powered by ChatGPT that helps you organize and highlight important information on your workspace.

Scispace, also known as SciSpace, is a research platform and writing tool that helps researchers, students, and professionals manage, format, and collaborate on research papers and thesis documents, providing simple explanations and answers from AI for better understanding of scientific information

Papers with Code

Papers with Code is a platform that provides the latest research papers and code implementations in the field of machine learning.

Connected Papers

Connected Papers is a unique, visual tool designed to assist researchers and applied scientists in finding and exploring academic papers relevant to their field of work


Consensus is an AI-powered search engine that allows users to search through over 200 million scientific papers, using AI to find insights and provide science-based answers efficiently and responsibly


ResearchRabbit is a free research tool that offers personalized recommendations, powerful visualizations, and collaboration features to help researchers supercharge their workflows.

Elicit is a platform that helps users find and connect with top-rated local businesses and professionals for various services, including legal, financial, and healthcare needs.


SciSummary is an AI-powered platform that provides concise summaries of scientific articles, allowing users to stay informed about the latest research findings without spending hours reading through complex documents

Unriddle AI

Unriddle is an AI-powered research tool that generates an assistant on top of any document to help researchers and professionals quickly find, summarize, and understand information, with features such as summarizing articles, visualizing relationships between items in a library, and generating text with AI-autocomplete.