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Dexa AI is an AI-powered platform that features podcast assistants, including experts from various fields, and provides insights on diverse topics such as focus supplements, programming languages, and intermittent fasting.


Snipd is an AI-powered podcast player that allows users to quickly access podcast summaries, navigate through transcripts, and share highlights with others


Tapesearch is the largest database of podcast transcripts, providing users with easy access to a vast collection of audio content.

Wondercraft AI

Wondercraft AI is a podcast creation platform that uses generative AI voices to easily produce and distribute podcasts in multiple languages, catering to businesses, publishers, and educational content creators. It offers hyper-realistic AI voices and the ability to publish directly to various platforms without extra hosting costs

Toasty Ai

ToastyAI is an AI-powered platform that generates show notes, transcripts, blog posts, and social media content for podcasts, helping maintain a consistent online presence and attracting new listeners across various platforms

Powerups AI

Powerups AI is a platform that allows you to create your dream sneakers from text prompt to prototype to production-ready sneaker in record time

Type Studio

Type Studio is a free online tool that allows users to add and edit subtitles in videos, and it also provides features for translating and transcribing content.


PodcastAI is an advanced AI-powered platform that automates podcast production, offering features such as episode transcription, speaker identification, chapter and metadata generation, ad-read generation, and AI host interaction, with the future goal of generating entire podcast episodes via AI.

Melville App

Melville App is an AI-powered podcast copywriter that helps users create engaging and informative content for their podcasts