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Gong is an AI-powered revenue intelligence platform that helps businesses improve their sales processes, increase revenue predictability, and streamline operations

Outreach is a sales execution platform that empowers the entire sales organization to increase deal velocity, win rates, and create and close more pipeline, offering AI-powered selling and the highest security standards


Seismic is a global sales enablement platform that empowers customer-facing organizations with skills, content, tools, and insights to grow their business.


AI Cadences by Klenty is a feature that helps sales teams build sales sequences, call scripts, and LinkedIn follow-up messages for every sales scenario up to 5 times faster, with personalized, multi-touch, multi-channel sequences created in seconds.


SalesGPT is a beta AI tool by Bravado, a professional sales network, tapping into the community's knowledge to generate AI answers summarizing relevant resources, with current limitations and future plans for improvement.


UpLead is a B2B lead intelligence platform with a 95% data accuracy rate, offering a wide range of search filters and lead generation strategies to help businesses connect with high-quality prospects and grow their customer base


LeadIQ's Scribe is a generative AI tool for sales teams that helps create personalized and compelling sales emails instantly, allowing teams to prospect smarter and book more meetings.


Uniphore is a leading enterprise AI platform that helps businesses improve their customer experience, increase agent productivity, and reduce costs.


InfraNodus is an AI-powered text network visualization tool that represents text as a network, identifies structural gaps, and generates research questions to bridge those gaps, with applications in scientific research, SEO, network analysis, mind map generation, and real-time data analysis.