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BarGPT is an AI-powered bartender that helps you create unique and personalized cocktails, redefining the drinking experience for any brand.

FoodAI is a web application that uses AI to generate cooking recipes based on selected ingredients, with options to filter results by extra ingredients, dietary restrictions, and region, and offers a 30-day free trial followed by a $0.99 per month subscription.

Mealmind is an innovative AI-generated food planning application that provides personalized meal plans, interactive shopping lists, and easy-to-follow recipes tailored to your dietary requirements, food preferences, and body goals.

Grocer AI

Grocer AI is a mobile app that allows customers to find and order groceries online, with features such as product information, smart filters, and order tracking

Menu Mystic

MenuMystic is a website featuring articles on various cuisines, such as Thai and Hungarian food, offering insights into traditional dishes and culinary culture.