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Android Studio Bot

Studio Bot is an AI-powered coding assistant integrated with Android Studio, offering AI code completion and a conversational interface to help Android developers be more productive and efficient in their coding tasks


PyTorch is a machine learning library that provides tools and libraries for the development of computer vision, NLP, and more, with features such as distributed training, a robust ecosystem, and cloud support, and it is well supported on major cloud platforms


TensorFlow is an open-source machine learning platform that allows users to create, train, and deploy machine learning models for a wide range of applications and skill levels.

Semantic Kernel (SK)

The Microsoft Semantic Kernel team has introduced new ways to connect with them in 2024, including community office hours and kernel development syncs held every Wednesday. is a drag-and-drop headless CMS that allows users to create and manage digital content while maintaining quality and performance, with features such as measuring and analyzing engagement to guide content and digital strategies.


ZZZ Code AI is a coding website powered by AI that provides assistance with all aspects of coding.


SmartBear provides software testing, monitoring, and developer tools to help teams deliver great user experiences, reduce testing blind spots, catch and fix defects in real-time, and engage with thousands of QA, DevOps, API, and testing professionals.

N8n is a powerful workflow automation tool that allows users to create complex flows, resolve issues quickly, and scale their operations with advanced on-prem or cloud automation over 387 integrations

Warp AI

Warp is a high-performance terminal built entirely in Rust that offers features such as saving commands to reuse later, asking Warp AI to explain or debug, customizing keybindings and launch configs, and picking from preloaded themes or designing your own.