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ShapeScale is a 3D body scanner, scale, and fitness tracker that provides a photorealistic 3D scan of your body, allowing you to visualize physical changes and gain detailed insights into your health and fitness progress.

GymBuddy AI

GymBuddy is an AI-powered workout planner that creates effective workout schedules, ensuring visible results


MikeAI is an AI coach that provides accurate fitness advice, including exercises, meal plans, and injury guidance, offering 10 meal plans and 10 workout plans.


MyFit AI is an AI-powered tool that generates personalized fitness programs and meal plans, leveraging AI to answer questions and offer basic advice, and it is used for personal learning plans and assessments in the fitness industry

FitWizard is a personalized fitness and nutrition app that uses AI to generate workout routines tailored to the user's fitness level, height, weight, and target weight.


AI WOD is a platform that provides daily workouts and fitness routines, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to create personalized and effective exercise plans.

Body Scan by Zing

Body Scan by Zing is a fitness tool that uses AI to analyze body composition from a full-body photo, providing a personalized fitness and nutrition plan based on the data.


IronIQ is a free AI-powered personal trainer app designed for weightlifters of all levels, offering customized workout plans and tracking features to help users achieve their fitness goals

Make My Workout

Make My Workout is a website created by CNP, and it seems to be a platform for submitting and resetting workout-related content