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Language Learning

Speak is an app that provides instant feedback and personalized language tutoring to help users improve their speaking skills and fluency with an advanced AI language tutor

EZdubs AI is a real-time AI dubbing platform that preserves the original voice, enabling the translation of videos and live streams into multiple languages, breaking down language barriers and engaging viewers from diverse demographics


Text2SQL.AI is a free AI-powered tool that automates the process of generating SQL queries from natural language text.


BoldVoice is an AI-powered English pronunciation app that offers personalized daily lessons, instant feedback, and practice opportunities to help non-native speakers improve their speaking skills and confidence, with a focus on intonation, rhythm, and mouth movements


WorkbookPDF is a language learning tool designed to help users practice their language skills, often used in conjunction with language courses, and has received positive feedback from over 1300 students


Fluent is a leading performance marketing company that connects advertisers to millions of consumers, driving growth and customer loyalty

Talkio AI

Talkio AI is a language training web app that uses AI technology to help users improve their oral language skills through voice conversations with AI tutors in various languages, offering a safe and supportive environment for practice.


Quazel is an AI-powered language learning app that allows users to have natural conversations in a foreign language, anytime and anywhere

GPT-3 Crush

GPT Crush is a website that curates a list of demos, experiments, and products that use the OpenAI API, including a creative writing and content workspace with 100+ tuned prompts, an AI-powered clubhouse, and an automated document extraction API, among others.