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Life Assistants is a platform that offers AI companions designed to provide human-like interactions and virtual companionship through AI chat and advanced deep-learning technology, allowing users to create and customize their own AI companions for various activities and conversations


The Valentine's Day Card Maker on allows users to create personalized and unique Valentine's Day cards using a simple and user-friendly interface with a range of templates, images, and illustrations for customization

Roast Dating

Roast Dating is a dating app that matches users based on their sense of humor and allows them to connect through video chats.


Replika is an AI companion designed to provide positive feedback and emotional support, offering a unique and personalized experience for each user


MovieWiser is an AI-powered movie and series recommender and aggregator that helps users discover and enjoy their favorite films and shows.

AiPassportPhotos is a platform that allows users to create and edit passport photos online, offering various formats and sizes to suit different needs and requirements


Caktus AI is an AI-powered study assistant designed for students, offering features such as essay writing, math problem solving, and code generation, with a monthly subscription of $9.90 and an annual subscription of $99.90

Rewind AI

Rewind is a privacy-first, AI-powered app that helps users stay organized and focused, offering personalized experiences for note-taking and productivity.


Upstract is a platform that provides general information on various topics, including technology, finance, and law.