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Resoomer is an AI summarization tool that automatically summarizes articles and texts in 500 words, allowing users to identify the main ideas and important passages for efficient reading and analysis.

TLDR this

TLDR This is an online article summarizer tool that uses AI to automatically extract the most relevant points from a text, eliminating fluff and weak arguments, and providing distraction-free reading experience.


BooksAI is a platform that offers AI-generated book summaries and recommendations to users.


PDF2GPT is a platform that uses GPT to summarize large PDFs, breaking the document into smaller chunks and employing a powerful Deep A semantic search to chat with the contents of the PDF file, providing precise responses and even citing the page number for added credibility

VideoToBlog is a platform that uses GPT to create blogs from YouTube videos, offering advanced options for content creation.

Any Summary

AnySummary is a web application that uses AI to summarize any type of file.

SMRY is an AI-powered tool that provides quick article summaries and bypasses paywalls, allowing users to access restricted content without hassle, and it utilizes advanced AI technology to comprehend the contextual meaning of the content, ensuring a comprehensive summary that captures the essential information quickly.

Summarist is an AI-powered book summary generator that provides users with quick summaries of books across various genres, aiming to help users discover, learn, and grow by providing them with easy-to-read and digestible pieces of information from books.

Summary Box

Summary Box is an online article and text summarizer that provides a 200-400 word summary of a longer page or article, highlighting key information and helping to combat writing sprawl