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Recipe is a meal planning and nutrition coaching software that offers a comprehensive database of over 100,000 online recipes and dietitian-approved options, along with custom branding and instant sharing features for professionals


CookAIfood is an AI-powered platform that generates unique food recipes based on user input, allowing users to explore the potential of artificial intelligence in the kitchen


MealsAI is a platform that uses AI to create, share, and discover delicious recipes, catering to various dietary restrictions and preferences

Littlecook is an AI-powered tool that caters to users' culinary creativity by enabling them to create their own unique recipes

Mymealplan AI is an AI-based tool that provides personalized meal plans based on dietary preferences, allergies, and restrictions, offering a grocery list and trusted by people worldwide


RecipeGPT is an AI tool that generates recipes based on user input, using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.

MealGenie AI

MealGenie is an AI recipe generator that helps you discover healthy recipes, such as ground beef empanadas with traditional Mexican flavors.

ScrappyChef AI

ScrappyChef is a platform that uses AI to transform leftovers into creative meals, offering a subscription for access to a variety of recipes

AIfoodie is a platform that helps users create unique and delicious food combinations using AI technology.