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AI-Signals is an advanced trading tool that uses AI and machine learning to generate accurate buy and sell signals in real-time, offering traders a unique blend of real-time market analysis, AI-powered buy and sell signals, and intuitive data visualization.

Quant Matter

Quant Matter is a global quant trading company that welcomes passionate candidates and offers job opportunities in the field of trading. is a platform that provides information and resources related to stocks, ETFs, diversified portfolios, and options trading for the US markets.

Kvants AI is a decentralized asset management platform that offers AI-driven quantitative trading strategies developed by leading hedge funds to retail investors via a fully-compliant and easy-to-use NFT tokenized fund subscription model.

Snap Innovations

Snap Innovations is a technology company that provides innovative solutions to clients in the fintech industry using cutting-edge AI and market connectivity.


Telescope is a software development company based in Los Angeles, California, with 51-200 employees, and it is also an instrument that allows people to see distant objects, important in astronomy


Notreload is an AI-based web service that helps users automate public web content monitoring for investing and trading purposes, providing fast and relevant information on stock movements and market trends.