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3D model

Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is an AI-powered image generation platform that allows creators of all skill levels to create production-quality visual assets for various projects, including character design, game assets, concept art, graphic design, fashion, marketing, advertising, product photography, architecture, and interior design.


LeiaPix is a cutting-edge technology that transforms 2D images into eye-catching 3D animations using advanced AI algorithms


Blockade Labs offers AI-generated 3D worlds through their Skybox platform, allowing users to create virtual spaces in seconds and explore limitless possibilities


Polycam is the world's most popular 3D scanning app for iOS, web, and Android, making 3D capture accessible to everyone


DeepMotion is a company that specializes in AI motion capture and body tracking, offering solutions such as Animate 3D and SayMotion™ to bring digital humans to life and transform text into dynamic animations


Alpha3D is a generative AI-powered platform that allows users to automatically transform text and 2D images into 3D digital assets for augmented reality, virtual reality, and gaming, making the 3D model creation process faster, cheaper, and easier is a company that specializes in AI-powered 3D model generation, offering solutions for both individual self-expression and business use cases where mass generation of 3D models is required

Krikey AI

Krikey AI is an AI tools company that offers powerful technology designed to simplify animation creation, empowering developers and creators to generate 3D animations in minutes for various applications such as games, films, and marketing materials


Cascadeur is a software for creating character animation using an AI-assisted keyframe animation approach, allowing for expressive and realistic animations for movies and video games