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Startup Pitch Generator

Tally is a free online form builder that simplifies the process of creating forms for various purposes, such as surveys, quizzes, and lead generation forms.

Otter AI is an AI-powered tool that provides real-time transcription, meeting summarization, and note-taking features, enhancing productivity and collaboration for individuals and teams

Beautiful AI is a cloud-based presentation software with design AI that helps users create professional, stunning presentations in minutes with hundreds of smart slides built with AI-assisted design, a rich media library of free photos and videos, automatic slide animations, advanced analytics, and customizable smart slide templates.


Namelix is an AI-powered business name generator that creates short, brandable names using advanced language models and filters


DoNotPay is an AI-powered online legal service and chatbot that helps consumers fight corporations, beat bureaucracy, find hidden money, and protect their rights.


NameSnack is a free business name generator that uses machine learning and other naming techniques to help you discover unique names for your brand, including names for your website, startup, app, shop, store, restaurant, podcast, product, brand, Etsy shop, Shopify store, blog, and more.

Hypotenuse ai

Hypotenuse AI is an AI writing generator that streamlines the content creation process by automatically generating blog articles, product descriptions, artwork, and more based on provided keywords and sentences, aiming to help create high-quality content at scale

Chatbot AI

ChatBot is an AI chat bot software that scans websites, help centers, or other designated resources to provide quick and accurate answers to customer questions, offering a free 14-day trial and no credit card required

Repurpose IO is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of repurposing content for social media, allowing users to efficiently manage and publish their content across multiple platforms