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Spotify DJ

Spotify is a popular music streaming service that offers a wide range of music for online listening through its web player.

Kits AI

Kits AI is an AI voice generation toolkit that allows users to train custom voices, access royalty-free voices, and create never-before-heard music with well-known AI artist voices.

Moises App AI is an AI-powered platform and web app that offers AI audio separation, allowing users to isolate vocals, instruments, and create customizable teaching materials for music practice and production


LANDR is a platform that offers musicians a range of creative tools, including AI mastering, plugins, distribution, and access to a community of professionals to help take their tracks to the next level.


Soundraw is an AI music generation platform that allows users to create customized royalty-free music by selecting a mood, genre, and length, with options for adjusting the music to their needs and integrating the AI technology into products.

Lalal AI

LALAL.AI is a website that offers a Vocal Remover and Instrumental AI Splitter tool, and users can register or log in to their account via email, Google, or Facebook.

Brain FM is a streaming service that plays functional music designed to boost productivity, relaxation, and sleep, backed by neuroscience research and studies.

Covers AI

Covers AI is a platform that offers an AI Voice Generator and AI Song Generator, allowing users to create music and generate covers using artificial intelligence technology. is a musician's app that uses AI technology to remove vocals and instruments from any song, as well as separate instruments, adjust speed and pitch, and generate click tracks.