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Sona is a platform that focuses on the period from 1955-1968 and provides a space for sharing and discussing books and ideas.

Imajinn AI Children’s Book AI

Imajinn AI's Storybook is a tool that allows users to create personalized children's books by uploading photos of the child, which are then used by AI to generate stylized illustrations of the child as the star of their own adventure.

Booknotes is a website that provides AI book summaries.

Librarian AI

Librarian AI helps you find your next favorite book with personalized recommendations based on your reading preferences.


CreateBookAI is a website that uses powerful AI to generate illustrated children's books in just minutes, allowing users to choose the title, main character, time period, moral, and number of pages, and the generated book will be totally theirs, including selling rights and copyright.

SnackzAI is a fully AI-powered book summary app that delivers high-quality summaries based on the real content of books, making knowledge accessible and affordable for everyone.

GPT Book Club

GPT Book Club offers interactive AI-powered book summaries for those who want to stay updated on the latest literary trends but don't have the time to read every book.

Maigic Book

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