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SMS Fraud Detection

The SMS Fraud Detection API by HailBytes is a freemium service focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning, with a popularity rating of 4.6/10 and a latency of 4,100ms


Cohere is a company that specializes in natural language processing and artificial intelligence, providing solutions for enterprises to build powerful and secure applications, search, understand meaning, and converse in text


Perspective API is a free machine learning-based tool by Jigsaw/Google, designed to reduce online toxicity by identifying and flagging potentially harmful or disrespectful comments, helping to foster healthier and more constructive conversations online

Monsterapi AI

Monster API is an AI-focused computing infrastructure that provides scalable REST APIs for various generative AI models, including code generation, conversation completion, text-to-image generation, and speech-to-text transcription, and offers on-demand access to a pool of GPUs via a globally distributed computing network.

Carbon AI helps computers guess words

Debunkd was an AI-powered fact-checking platform that faced challenges in balancing rapid growth with sustainable monetization, leading to its shutdown

Pretrained AI is a platform that offers hosted, managed pretrained machine learning model APIs, allowing users to integrate pretrained machine learning models in minutes to process text, images, and other data using state-of-the-art machine learning

Composable Studio

Conektto is an AI-powered platform that simplifies API design and testing, offering an all-in-one solution for creating, simulating, visualizing, coding, mocking, testing, and deploying enterprise-grade APIs

Bullshit Detector

Bullshit Detector is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to detect if the content is factually correct by programmatically reversing the content to a question and then generating few answers to the question with a high softmax temperature.