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Assistant Code

Amazoncode AI

Amazon CodeWhisperer is an AI-powered code generator that provides real-time code suggestions and can increase productivity by up to 57%.

Replit AI

Replit is a software creation platform that provides an integrated development environment (IDE), AI, and deployment capabilities, with positive feedback on its continuous development and user experience.


Code-GPT is an extension for Visual Studio Code that provides instant explanations for code within the code editor using AI, allowing for comprehensive code understanding and real-time code suggestions

Tabninie AI

Tabnine is an AI assistant that provides code completion functionality and boosts development productivity, while also offering privacy and security features such as local adaptation and fully isolated mode.


Codeium is a free AI-powered toolkit for developers that offers AI code completion, search, and chat, supporting over 70+ languages and integrating with 40+ editors, including VSCode and JetBrains IDEs.

Hey, GitHub

GitHub Next is a platform that prototypes tools and technologies to change the way software engineering teams work, focusing on healthy and productive environments

Codium LTD

CodiumAI offers AI-powered code completion, search, and chat, supporting over 70 languages and integrating with popular IDEs like VS Code and JetBrains

Ask Codi

AskCodi is a platform that encourages users to share their accomplishments and creations, inviting them to tag their posts with #AskCodi and to invite friends to join.

Fig AI

Fig is a command-line tool that uses OpenAI's Codex language model to translate English commands into Bash commands, and it is available for MacOS and Linux.