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Novable is a startup and innovation scouting platform that combines artificial and human intelligence to help companies scout for promising startups and identify the best matches to achieve their goals.

Pitchleague AI is an AI-powered platform that provides constructive feedback on startup pitch decks to help founders improve their pitches and impress potential investors.

YC Mentor

Ycmentor is a platform offering free tools for startup founders, including advice, YC application assistance, and a Discord community for support, used by over 3000 founders and powered by AI and YC knowledge

100+ AI Startup Ideas is a website offering a curated collection of 100+ AI startup ideas with short descriptions, along with 5+ AI tools ideas and 30+ resources to help individuals get started in creating their own AI startups.

Founderfit by Koble AI

Koble's Founderfit helps startups and investors connect, providing data-driven insights and improving the funding process

Investor Hunter

Investor Hunter is an AI-driven platform that connects startups with suitable investors in minutes, not months, through personalized and targeted outreach


NicheFind AI is a platform that helps analyze successful competitors, identify niche opportunities, build a minimum viable product (MVP), and offer unique services, allowing for quick idea verification and product launch.

Startup Studio AI

Discover how AI can guide your startup, evaluate business ideas, and help you grow your brand and customer base

AI Startup Tools is a platform that provides tools and resources for building and managing AI startups, including AI productivity tools and insights on starting an AI company