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CoverletterAI by Wonsulting AI

CoverLetterAI is an AI-powered tool that helps job seekers worldwide create a professional cover letter they can use to apply to jobs and increase their chances of getting interviews and landing a job.


6figr's Career Roast offers brutally honest career assessments using an AI-powered system, providing individuals with benchmark compensation and career information.

Skillroads is an AI-powered platform offering resume building, cover letter creation, and job search services, including Fortune 500 job opportunities and career tips.


Kadoa's joblens service offers data extraction and analysis, allowing users to access location details, contact channels, social media news, and custom reports for informed decision-making.

Interviews by AI is an AI-powered interview preparation tool that generates hyper-realistic interview questions and answers based on either the job description provided or on general sample descriptions that they have curated.


Interview Igniter is an AI-powered platform that revolutionizes technical recruitment preparation, offering accessible insights and supportive guidance for recruiters and HR professionals to enhance their hiring strategies and approach technical interviews with confidence. is an AI-powered platform that helps users create tailored cover letters for job applications, offering quick and easy generation, AI edits, and professional templates at a cost-effective price

AI Rental Cover Letter is a platform that offers an AI-powered rental reference service to help renters create personalized, high-quality cover letters that will make them stand out from the competition in the Australian rental market.

Swiftcover AI

SwiftCover is an AI-powered tool that generates tailored cover letters for any job description within seconds, eliminating the need for tedious editing and tweaking.