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Hotjar AI for Surveys by allows users to create and generate summary reports for surveys quickly, saving hours of manual work in research, with over 402 million survey responses collected and integration with various tools.

Go Holler AI

Holler is an AI-powered platform that simplifies the survey process by condensing it into a single question, allowing users to collect answers and ask the AI for insights

Vocads Survey

Vocads is a start-up that reinvents the survey experience through voice conversations with an AI, enabling companies to collect richer data and improve customer and employee engagement.


Zigpoll is a platform that offers feedback polls, email capture campaigns, and customer surveys, all in one place.


Wayyy is a platform that offers a variety of survey types, advanced AI integration, and response analysis to help you collect insights and feedback from your audience

Spatial AI

Spatial AI is revolutionizing customer discovery and user research with its AI-powered platform, offering dynamic, context-aware interviews and surveys

Crowd Prisma

CrowdPrisma is an AI-powered platform that can analyze free-text survey responses, identify respondent subgroups, and generate interactive dashboards to save time and provide meaningful insights

Survey is a platform that offers instant insights from surveys by allowing users to upload their survey results as a CSV file and gain actionable answers from the data collected.