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Computer Vision


YOLO (You Only Look Once) is a real-time object detection system that processes images at 30 FPS and has a mAP of 57.9% on a Pascal Titan X, and it can be trained on different datasets such as Pascal VOC and Open Images


Siwalu Software is a company that develops AI-based image recognition apps, including Dog Scanner, which can identify dog breeds within seconds.

Duckduckgoose AI

DuckDuckGo's detector is a deepfake detection technology that analyzes faces to find deepfake traces and provides the probability of the input being a deepfake and the Activation Map to substantiate the classification.


Chooch is an AI vision platform that enables organizations to improve operational efficiency and create new revenue opportunities by leveraging computer vision technology for image recognition and analysis

Rank One Computing (ROC) provides leading face recognition, artificial intelligence, and computer vision solutions to enhance safety, security, and convenience without bias or threats to privacy, serving various sectors including public safety, national security, and commercial security.

FlyPix AI

FlyPix AI is a geospatial AI platform that uses deep learning technology to extract insights from drone and satellite images, providing a user-friendly interface to visualize geospatial data and extract reports in a variety of formats for industries such as government, waste and debris detection, road and pavement inspections, and construction.


Hachi is an AI tool developed by Raman Labs that allows users to search for information across personal videos and images using natural language, offering a powerful and fast search interface for media data on consumer devices

Remyx AI

Remyx AI is an automated platform that customizes machine learning models for specific applications without requiring data, annotation, or expertise, enabling users to create and deploy models in minutes