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FlowiseAI is an open-source UI visual tool built with LangchainJS, allowing users to easily create customized LLM (Large Language Models) apps using Node Typescript/Javascript, and it supports Docker for deployment


QoQo is an AI companion for UX design, providing a broad and organized picture at the early stages of the design process


UXSquid is a comprehensive user experience research platform offering tools for user interviewing, transcription, AI analysis, and expert recommendations, enabling effective user research and feedback analysis

Algorithm-Driven Design

Algorithmic design, as applied in various fields such as artificial intelligence, architecture, and computer science, involves the generation of design variations using predefined rules and patterns to solve complex problems and improve efficiency.

Tempo AI

Tempo is an AI design tool that helps developers build high-fidelity UIs in an instant, working on top of existing code or generating new code following the standards in your codebase


GeniusUI is an AI-powered UI component generator that turns natural language prompts into high-quality, customizable, and easy-to-integrate UI components, saving time and streamlining the design process.

UsefulLoremIpsum is an AI UX writer tool designed for designers and developers.