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Mixpanel Spark

Mixpanel's Spark Beta is a natural language-based tool that provides answers to product, marketing, and revenue questions, allowing users to chat with their data and make better decisions.


TELUS International provides high-quality AI training data at scale, with human intelligence, handling text, images, audio, video, and geo data types across 500+ languages

Llamaindex AI

LlamaIndex is a simple, flexible data framework for connecting custom data sources to large language models, providing tools for ingesting, structuring, and accessing private or domain-specific data for developers and enterprise managed services


Chroma is an open-source vector database platform, offering a cloud product waitlist and community engagement through Discord, with a scheduled launch for Q4 2023.

SuperAnnotate Desktop

SuperAnnotate is an annotation service platform that provides quality and expertise to projects of all sizes across various industries, with security measures to keep data safe, quality assurance infrastructure for high-quality data, and secure and compliant by design security compliance.


Datagen is a platform that specializes in generating synthetic data for computer vision applications.


Coginiti AI Advisor is a tool that simplifies SQL development, accelerates the creation of data and analytic products, and empowers data professionals to write, understand, and optimize SQL through responsible generative AI capabilities, providing instant query assistance and on-demand learning resources


Prodigy is an annotation tool for AI, machine learning, and NLP, allowing data scientists to efficiently annotate data and train production-quality models with very few examples, enabling a more agile approach to data collection and faster project completion


Algorithma is a company based in Villeurbanne, France, that specializes in strategic intelligence and knowledge management. They offer services in innovation monitoring and economic intelligence.