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Artificial Intelligence


Amplitude AI is a suite of AI-powered features that leverages modern machine learning and generative AI technologies to help product teams build smarter, learn faster, and create better digital experiences for their customers

Glide Apps

Glide AI allows users to easily build and deploy custom, AI-powered business apps without managing prompts, choosing models, or dealing with complex APIs.

Windows Copilot

Windows 11 is introducing Windows Copilot, the first PC platform to provide centralized AI assistance for customers, and extending Bing Chat plugins to Windows, enabling developers to integrate their apps within Windows Copilot to better serve their customers and increase engagement on native Windows applications.

Nimbus AI

Nimbus AI is an AI assistant in FuseBase that helps remote teams and professionals collaborate more efficiently and effectively by generating suggestions for future projects, analyzing team discussions, and providing tailored suggestions based on knowledge and expertise.

Genmo AI is a platform that offers tools to create videos and images using AI, including a powerful video model called Genmo Replay.

Coral AI

Coral AI is an AI tool that allows users to summarize, understand, and translate documents, making it useful for researchers, academics, and professionals in various fields.


FreedomGPT is an open-source AI chatbot initiative, emphasizing uncensored, private, and unbiased interactions, launched by Age of AI, LLC, allowing offline accessibility and promoting collaboration


Writecream's AI Script Generator is a powerful tool that uses advanced AI technology to create high-quality scripts in seconds, streamlining the scriptwriting process and helping users generate engaging content for various platforms

Boredhumans offers a variety of free AI tools, including a lyrics generator, celebrity AI chat, movie musicals, AI image generator, and AI-generated music, all without saving user information or violating privacy