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The Contentinator is a plugin available on the Figma Community platform.

Shutterstock image generator

Shutterstock's AI image generator allows users to create and license unique images using AI-generated content, compensating contributors through a dedicated fund

Remove BG is a website that uses AI to remove the background from images, allowing users to make backgrounds transparent, add a white background, extract the subject, or get the cutout of a photo.

Inpainting Nvidia

NVIDIA's website features an inpainting demo that requires JavaScript to run, allowing users to experience and understand the concept of inpainting.


Civitai is a platform for open-source generative AI, offering information, guides, tutorials, and a community for discovering, creating, and sharing generative art and resources related to Stable Diffusion and other Generative AI technologies


Fotor's AI Face Generator allows users to effortlessly create detailed and realistic human faces by entering text prompts or uploading a photo, utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence and deep machine learning.


Pixlr is a top free online AI photo editor and design tool, offering advanced image editing features for both beginners and professionals, with a focus on pioneering innovation in online capabilities


Picsart is a website that offers an online photo editor and a free background remover tool.

Cutout Pro

Cutout.Pro is an AI photo editing and visual content generation platform that leverages artificial intelligence and computer vision to enhance images and videos, offering products for both individual and business use