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Customer Support

Zendesk AI

Zendesk AI for customer service is built on billions of real interactions, offering personalized support, empowering agents with AI tools, and providing generative AI capabilities for automated tasks and content creation


Zia is an A.I. tool for Zoho Desk that uses contextual analysis to process customer questions, identify sentiment, assign appropriate tags, suggest solutions, and provide predictions for decision-makers.


Nextiva, founded in 2006, is a company that provides business communications and collaboration software, offering services such as unified customer communication, live chat, and customer engagement tools, with a focus on delivering a superior customer experience


Freshdesk is a customer service suite that offers AI-powered conversations, no-code bots, efficient ticket management, and a scalable knowledge base to help customers find answers faster.

Sapling AI is an AI-powered language model copilot and API for businesses that provides integrations with popular messaging and CRM platforms, a free AI-powered spelling and grammar checker, and offers on-premises/self-hosted deployments for enterprise teams.


Ada is an AI-powered customer service automation platform that helps businesses save time, money, and resources by resolving complex customer inquiries in record time, with 350+ businesses already benefiting from their services.

Gladly Sidekick

Gladly has introduced Gladly Sidekick, a new AI and automation platform that enables personalized self-service and works alongside their people-centered platform, Gladly Hero, to deliver personalized agent-assisted customer service is an enterprise-level conversational AI platform that offers cutting-edge technology through both voice and digital channels to automate processes for customer interactions, with a GUI-based bot builder that enables business users and developers to build context-aware, rich messaging, enterprise-grade bots.


LiveChatAI is an AI bot and live chat software that enhances customer interactions with responsive and precise assistance, all at your fingertips.