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Text To Speech

Typecast AI is an AI-powered platform that offers an online text-to-speech and video creation service, providing over 300 human-like virtual avatars and voice-over actors for creating professional-quality content with emotional text-to-voice settings

Topmediai – Celebrity Voice

TopMediai offers a powerful Text to Speech Voice Generator with Voice Cloning, used by over 872,000 users in 80+ countries, with 6 billion+ text converted so far and 600+ satisfied reviews.

Voiser offers AI-powered speech-to-text and text-to-speech services in over 70 languages, including transcription of YouTube content, voice cloning, and a speaking website feature, revolutionizing workflow and content creation


Respeecher is a voice cloning software designed for content creators, including filmmakers and game developers, to replicate voices with impeccable quality and full creative control, emphasizing ethical use of the technology

Woord is a platform that provides text-to-speech services with natural voices, along with custom Enterprise Pricing for unlimited API calls and dedicated technical support


Voicely is an AI-powered text-to-speech converter that can generate voice in over 60 languages and 500 voices.


The TextToSample plugin from Samplab is an AI-powered sample generator available as a free standalone or VST3 plugin, allowing users to generate samples by providing text prompts or audio inputs, and it is designed to work on various operating systems and hardware.

Voxify AI is an AI voice generator that produces high-quality voice-overs for various projects, supporting multiple languages and offering customizable voiceovers to fit specific needs


Tweet AI is a platform designed to help you generate creative tweets and replies quickly, integrating seamlessly with Twitter through a Google-featured Chrome extension, and allowing for customization and personalization before posting