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Codepal AI

CodePal is a comprehensive coding platform that offers a range of coding helpers and tools to assist developers, making it suitable for students, beginners, experienced developers, and companies looking to improve their development process

PromptPerfect AI

PromptPerfect is a platform for prompt engineering, optimizing, debugging, and hosting, while SceneXplain is an AI-powered tool for advanced image captioning, storytelling, and video-to-text comprehension.


Pulumi AI is a cloud infrastructure as code solution that provides intelligence, search, and analytics over any infrastructure in any cloud across an organization, leveraging the latest advances in generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), and allows users to write policies for AWS resources with Pulumi using Python and TypeScript.


The Code Converter is a tool that helps users convert and test code snippets in various programming languages, providing a platform for learning and practicing coding skills.


PseudoEditor is a free, fast, and online pseudocode IDE/editor with a compiler feature, offering interactive pseudocode guides following the standard set by the AQA computer science exam board in the UK

Lmql AI

LMQL is a query language for large language models that enables modularized local instructions and re-use of prompt components, and it automatically makes LLM code portable across several backends.

Jetbrains IDE Plugin AI

TLDR is an AI-powered IDE plugin that explains code in plain English, supporting almost all programming languages, with a rate-limited free version and paid versions with increased rate limits.

AI Code Translator

The AI Code Translator is a powerful tool that leverages GPT-3.5/4 to translate code from one programming language to another, offering a convenient and efficient solution for developers and coders.


AI Studio is a platform that combines various AI tools to help users build powerful AI systems and solve problems.