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GitBook Solutions is an internal knowledge base that brings together a team's technical knowledge with Git-like collaboration and deep integrations to help everyone contribute, with knowledge management tools for the whole team to capture missing knowledge, keep all information organized, and keep documentation up to date, including AI-powered content audit to spot conflicting information.


Golden is a platform that uses natural language processing to extract information from various sources and create a knowledge graph, allowing users to search, query, and ask factual questions to obtain useful insights and stay ahead of industry shifts

Slite – Ask

Slite's "Ask" feature is an AI-powered tool that allows users to ask written questions and intelligently search across their workspace documents for answers, providing summarized responses and comparing questions to specific content in documents

Droxy AI

Droxy AI is a tool that can quickly convert content into custom ChatGPT chatbots, offering a revolutionary way for businesses to engage with their audience and enhance knowledge sharing in education and business.


Albus is an AI-powered platform that helps users explore, learn, and create with the assistance of large language models and machine learning services, saving time and attention while sparking new ideas


Doclime is a platform that allows users to get answers from their documents, offering insights and assistance in understanding and navigating various file formats and content.

Odin AI is a website that offers an enterprise productivity tool called Odin AI, which includes features such as a translator agent, conversational AI, AI note-taker, and automator.


Frontdoor is an AI-powered platform that helps users capture ideas, summarize readings, and create content faster than ever before, trusted by thousands of scholars and researchers

Knowbase AI is a platform that allows users to store and chat with their knowledge base, similar to how they would with ChatGPT. It combines the features of Dropbox and ChatGPT to create a personalized knowledge repository that can be accessed through a chat interface