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Character AI

Beta Character AI is an AI chatbot that allows for user-developed characters and enables them to chat with created characters, using a neutral language model to generate text responses based on up-to-date and reliable sources of information.

Deep Nostalgia

Deep Nostalgia™ est un outil en ligne qui permet d'animer les visages dans vos photos de famille, offrant une expérience unique et captivante pour découvrir votre histoire familiale comme vous ne l'avez jamais vue


FakeYou is a website that offers deep fake text-to-speech technology. is a website designed for "cinema archaeologists" and provides an API for accessing its data.

Human or Not?

Human or Not is a social experiment that challenges users to differentiate between humans and AI bots through a series of conversations, providing insights into the nature of human interaction and the capabilities of AI technology.

Swapface is a real-time and ultra-realistic face swap AI app that allows users to instantly transform into anyone with a single photo, offering easy-to-use AI beauty filter tools for Windows

SuperMeme is an AI-powered platform that turns text into memes, using GPT-3 to generate appropriate meme captions and matching them with relevant meme templates, offering high-quality images, no watermarks, and meme generation from any topic or text input

AI HairStyles

AI hairstyles offers a quick and easy way to try on various hairstyles and colors, with a focus on privacy and user experience.

Tattoos AI is an AI-powered tattoo generator that can create unlimited tattoo design options based on your preferences.