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Rooms is a platform where users can create and customize virtual rooms by adding, editing, and coding various elements to their liking.

AI or Human

The website "AI or Human: Can you tell the difference?" explores the interplay between artificial intelligence and human decision-making, featuring discussions on topics such as the role of users in influencing the choices of company leaders and the trust placed in advice from human and AI systems.

Friends is an AI RPG Dungeon Master for D&D 5e that reacts to your actions, runs combat, and weaves an epic story for you and your friends, allowing you to explore a world you've crafted as any character you can imagine.


GGPredict is a platform that provides AI-powered challenges, demo viewer, cutting-edge analytics, compare tools, leaderboard competitions, dedicated servers, and comprehensive training maps to help players of all levels improve their Counter-Strike skills.


Endless Visual Novel is an AI-powered platform that generates infinite visual novel stories, art, music, and dialogue tailored to the player's choices, offering a unique and immersive experience.

AI Pokemon generator is a platform that generates AI-generated Fakemon, allowing users to create and share unique and imaginative Pokémon designs.


TTS Labs offers a Text to Speech service for streamers, providing a dedicated desktop app, customizable features, faster-than-real-time processing, and integration with streaming platforms.


Saga is an AI text RPG that offers an immersive text-based environment with customizable settings, dynamic conversations, and free-form writing, and can be accessed from any device.

Hidden Door

Hidden Door is a platform that allows users to engage in narrative games and adventures in various fictional worlds, using language AI and generative AI to create unique and customizable experiences.