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For Fun


DreamGF is an AI dating platform that allows users to create virtual girlfriends with customizable characteristics and personalities, emphasizing the importance of responsible and respectful interactions.


SoulGen is a free AI magic tool that creates art from text prompts, allowing users to generate customized AI characters and images in seconds, with the option to access additional benefits through a premium plan for commercial use

NSFW Character AI is a platform that allows users to create their own character AI and generate images without restrictions, including support for NSFW content.


RizzGPT is an AI character chat platform where users can create and interact with characters that have emotions, memories, and storytelling capabilities.

OnlyWaifus is a platform that offers unlimited usage for a monthly fee, allowing users to generate a large number of waifu images, with different artistic styles available

Kuki Ai is an award-winning AI chatbot designed for entertainment, brand engagement, and development integration, offering a virtual brand ambassador and the ability to embed Kuki's Brain in avatars and applications


HiWaifu is an AI-powered friend and companion app that provides a safe, non-judgmental conversation space for users to interact with an empathetic and personalized AI character, be it a friend, a romantic partner, or a role-playing companion. is a platform where users can create customized images of people by uploading a reference portrait for the AI to generate an image, with subscriptions currently disabled due to payment processor issues

OnlyRizz is a platform featuring an unfiltered AI chatbot, known as Pygmalion, which allows users to interact with a character AI bot without filters, currently in its Alpha stage