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Plan by ixigo

Ixigo's "PLAN" feature offers travel itineraries and suggestions for various destinations, such as a 3-day romantic getaway in Cairo.

Tripplanner AI

Trip Planner AI is a free and customizable travel itinerary app that uses advanced algorithms to create optimal travel plans tailored to the user's preferences, including route planning, personalized activities, travel reel insights, and local cuisine recommendations.

Roam Around

Roam Around is an AI travel planner and personal guide that has been trusted by millions and offers personalized travel itineraries for various destinations.


Zoop India is an online platform that offers quick food delivery in running trains, allowing passengers to order from a variety of restaurants and food chains, with multiple payment methods and transparent refund and cancellation policies.

Maya Travel Assistant

Maya is an AI travel assistant that can help create a personalized trip plan, recommend destinations, and suggest hotels based on budget and travel style, leveraging ChatGPT and Live the World's travel expertise


Wonderplan is an AI-powered trip planner that helps users create unique and memorable itineraries based on their passions and budget


TravelFeed's AI writing assistant helps travel bloggers create high-quality, engaging content in less time, offering features such as generating post outlines, unique titles, and maps, as well as optimizing content for SEO and audience engagement


RoutePerfect is a platform that allows users to plan and book their dream trips with ease, offering a professional travel agent experience and a wide range of itinerary options to choose from.

IPlan AI is an AI-based travel planner that creates unique itineraries tailored to individual preferences, saving time and offering personalized, efficient, and stress-free travel planning experiences.