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FireFlies is an AI-powered meeting assistant that provides automatic transcription of live meetings and uploaded audio files in minutes, as well as smart AI-backed meeting recording and analysis capabilities.


Eightify is a tool that uses YouTube AI technology to summarize videos in seconds, offering key insights, translations in over 40 languages, and timestamped breakdowns for easy navigation.

Notta AI

Notta is a platform that provides audio to text transcription services, ensuring data security by being SOC 2 and GDPR compliant, and offering features such as real-time transcription, summary generation, and easy data export.

HeyGen AI

HeyGen Labs offers a Video Translate tool that seamlessly translates videos with a natural voice clone and authentic speaking style in multiple languages, catering to various needs such as marketing, content creation, sales, and education


Copyfish is a free and open-source OCR software that extracts text from images, videos, or PDFs using the OCR API from, and all uploaded images and extracted text are deleted immediately after processing.


Trint is an AI transcription software that converts audio and video files into text with up to 99% accuracy, offering features like multilingual transcription, editing, and real-time collaboration. It also provides tools for creating articles, podcasts, and scripts, as well as closed captions and AI translations in 50+ languages, with a focus on data protection and security.


AudioPen is a platform that converts spoken language into written text, aiming to facilitate the transcription process and improve the clarity of audio content.


tl;dv is an AI-powered meeting recorder for Zoom and Google Meet, allowing users to summarize key moments during meetings with a simple click or short-cut, making it easier to stay focused on conversations


Submagic is an AI-powered tool that helps content creators produce captivating short-form videos with ease, offering features like auto-accurate captions, trendy templates, and magic auto-zooms.