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Landing Pages

Portaly is a website that allows users to turn their website or profile URL into a customizable link-in-bio landing page with built-in contact form and analytics toolkit.

MakeLanding AI

MakeLanding is an AI-powered landing page builder that creates beautiful and professional landing pages without the need for a designer or developer

Permar AI offers high-converting landing pages for e-commerce stores, automatically generated based on successful templates used by leading brands, with a focus on fast loading times and a 100% conversion guarantee.


LampBuilder is an AI-powered landing page generator for startups, offering free custom domain hosting, on-page editing, and AI content generation to help startups validate their ideas


TurboSite is an AI-powered web app that simplifies the creation of visually appealing and highly effective landing pages with an intuitive interface, drag-and-drop editor, data collection forms, powerful analytics, and SEO tools.

FusionAI is not publicly accessible, but it is related to fusion energy research and development.

60seconds is an app that applies artificial intelligence to predict prices based on business needs, and it also emphasizes the importance of crafting 60-second stories to effectively communicate ideas and products