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AI Text Generators

Effective collaboration in the workplace relies heavily on writing, encompassing various tasks such as drafting project briefs, composing emails, documenting meeting notes, launching products, and creating other content pieces. However, accomplishing these tasks can be time-consuming and may lead to a backlog, especially when competing with more urgent matters. The emergence of AI and tools like ChatGPT introduces a transformative era where AI-powered writing tools assist in various work-related content creation, irrespective of the nature of the material.

The integration of artificial intelligence in content creation and customer support has become increasingly prevalent, making AI writing generator tools valuable additions to tech stacks worldwide. These tools are crucial in helping teams maintain competitiveness, enhance efficiency, and approach their work strategically.

Whether you’re formulating prompts for a project, engaging in a writing course, crafting a business plan, or simply responding to emails, we have compiled a list of the best AI text generator tools designed to support your work endeavors.

Humanize Ai Text

AI Text Converter is a tool that helps businesses convert AI-generated content into 100% human content, allowing for more authentic and engaging communication.

MyEssayWriterAI is an AI-powered essay writing platform that offers tools such as an essay writer, essay outliner, paraphrasing guide, and grammar checker to assist students in creating high-quality and well-structured academic content

Free Essay Generator

AcademicHelp's Free Essay Generator is an AI-powered tool that helps students research, write, and cite their papers, making the process more efficient and accessible.

Samwell is an AI-powered tool for writing essays and research papers, offering features such as audio summaries, plagiarism-free content, in-text citations, and related videos, with different pricing packages based on word count limits

MagicWrite is a website offering a free AI writer that does not require signup, allowing users to generate text by simply starting to type.


ZeroGPT AI is a platform that can assist in generating informative and engaging product descriptions tailored for search engine optimization and customer conversion. is a desktop app that uses AI models stored locally, requiring a minimum of 8GB of RAM, allowing offline use for text-based roleplay and chat, with a privacy-focused and censorship-free approach


EverSQL offers a free AI-powered tool called "SQL to Text" that transforms complex SQL queries into human-readable and understandable format, improving query readability and promoting collaboration among developers and non-technical stakeholders

Gist AI: Summarize Web,YouTube,PDF w/ ChatGPT

GistAI is a free Chrome extension and AI tool that summarizes website articles, YouTube videos, and PDFs, making it useful for students and professionals to quickly extract key points