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Speech To Text


Cockatoo is a transcription service that uses AI to convert audio or video files to text in over 90 languages, with superhuman accuracy and unlimited transcripts, and offers a free tier and a Pro plan with more features and transcripts for a monthly or annual fee.


Deepgram is a provider of speech-to-text and audio intelligence models for developers, offering fast and accurate speech recognition with advanced features and AI solutions for various applications

Speak Ai

Speak Ai is a no-code transcription, research, data analysis, and natural language processing software that helps users turn language data into insights, with a focus on privacy and security.


The ELSA Speech Analyzer is a speech recognition app that provides feedback on English pronunciation and fluency, aiming to help users speak English more naturally.

Fluxon AI

Fluxon is an AI tool specializing in hyper-realistic voice generation, allowing users to transform text into audio with lifelike voices and offering voice cloning features that can replicate any voice in less than 10 minutes


TranscribeMe is a service that offers fast, accurate, and affordable voice-to-text transcription, using a combination of speech recognition technology and real human transcriptionists, with pricing starting at $0.10 per minute

Suki AI

Suki AI is a voice assistant designed for healthcare professionals, offering AI-powered voice recognition and clinical documentation tools that save time and improve patient care


AI Coustics is an audio enhancement tool that uses deep learning techniques to remove imperfections in recordings or streams, such as background noises, room resonances, low-quality microphones, codec compression, and other unwanted elements.


TextPLZ is a website that offers a voice-to-text service for WhatsApp voice notes, supporting multiple languages and limiting transcriptions to 5 minutes.