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Rask AI

Rask AI is a leading AI video localization and dubbing tool that can translate content into 130+ languages, expanding reach and engagement for global marketers and content creators

Thing Translator

Experiments with Google is a platform that showcases thousands of experiments created by coders using Chrome, Android, AI, AR, and more, serving as a rich archival gallery and a source of inspiration for new projects.


Sonix is an AI-powered platform that automatically converts audio and video to text, offering fast, accurate, and affordable transcription services in over 40 languages


Smartling is a cloud-based translation management platform that offers language translation and content localization solutions, with AI-powered content and workflow management, performance and progress dashboards, cost estimating, and a contextual CAT tool.


Unbabel is a platform that seamlessly integrates with apps and platforms to translate workflows for a global audience while ensuring data security through encryption and anonymization.

Mirai Translate

Mirai Translate is an AI translation service that offers high-security cloud-based translation solutions, demonstrating strengths in cases requiring quality, speed, and confidentiality.


iTranslate is a language translation and communication app that allows users to translate text, websites, and start voice conversations in over 100 languages, with offline mode available in four languages, and prioritizes user privacy and data protection.


OpenL is an AI-powered translation software that supports more than 100 languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, and Indonesian, making it ideal for professional translations, and it utilizes AI and machine learning for accurate translations and provides content creation assistance, grammar correction, and language learning features.

Machine Translation offers machine translation services assisted by multiple AI tools, including top engines like DeepL, Amazon, ModernMT, Microsoft, and LibreTranslate, with a disclaimer about potential inaccuracies.