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ChartGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI, offering a free version (GPT-3.5) and a more advanced version (GPT-4) for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, allowing users to interact with an AI text generator

Chartify AI

Chartify is an AI-powered data visualization tool that simplifies the process of generating beautiful charts from uploaded data, offering a new way to interact with data without the need for manual chart editing or coding


Paragraphica is a project that uses location data and AI image synthesis to provide deeper insight into moments from the perspective of other intelligences, as AI language models are increasingly becoming conscious.

Baseboard AI is an AI platform that enables users to create visualizations from data using an AI-assisted designer, allowing for the easy creation of charts for websites or publications.


Vizionova is a platform that offers intelligent map diagramming features, allowing users to add context, explanations, and reminders to their ideas with a built-in note-taking feature

Film Flow

Film Flow is an AI-powered tool that analyzes and visualizes the emotional pulse of popular movies, providing users with unique insights into the emotional dynamics of the films.