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GoalAI by Nando.AI is an AI tool that empowers users to design and launch self-governing AI GPT robots by stating their goals, allowing the AI to generate tasks, implement them, and learn from the outcomes


Camel AGI is an advanced AI tool that facilitates real-time conversations and collaboration between AI agents on user-defined topics, allowing users to observe and understand the dynamics of autonomous AI agents, and it is free to use and user-friendly, requiring only an OpenAI key and a Google account for sign-up

Bardeen AI is an AI automation platform that allows users to delegate repetitive tasks through text, saving time and empowering creativity with its breakthrough AI technology. It also offers integrations with various apps and pre-built playbooks

Godmode is an AI-driven platform that generates unique outputs using generative agents, enabling users to explore innovative solutions and perspectives


AgentGPT is a platform that allows users to assemble, configure, and deploy autonomous AI agents in their browser to perform tasks such as creating a study plan or planning a trip.

ChatGPT in Google Sheets AI

Two Minute Reports is a reporting tool that allows using ChatGPT in Google Sheets, which can automate reports with insights derived from ChatGPT, condense lengthy documents into concise summaries, and process and analyze time series data.

Teleport Assist

Teleport Assist is an experimental tool that provides an automated and holistic view of all privileged infrastructure resources within an organization, and generates commands and responses using generative AI.


Handwrytten is a service that allows companies to send handwritten notes at scale, using AI to craft messages and offering automated thank you and birthday cards, with features such as bulk import, pre-made templates, and scheduling messages in advance


Super.AI is a platform that uses AI to enhance transaction data, improve KYC standards, automate interbank settlements, and streamline claims processing across various industries without the need for coding