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Alpha by Public

Alpha is an experimental artificial intelligence investment exploration tool powered by GPT-4 technology, offered by Public Holdings, Inc., allowing users to ask questions and analyze assets in real time.

Pluto is a website that provides AI investing for financial future, but does not recommend any specific securities or investment strategies, and investors should consider their investment objectives and risks carefully before investing.

Soon app

Soon is a fully automated crypto investing platform supported by Fortress Trust, providing secure custodial services for users.


STRATxAI is a company that offers cutting-edge AI-driven portfolios to empower businesses with seamless white-label investing solutions, aiming to enhance customer retention and drive revenue growth.

Portfolio Pilot

PortfolioPilot is a website or platform that provides portfolio management services.

Decode Investing

Decode Investing provides access to earnings call transcripts for various companies, allowing users to review, discuss, and analyze the key points and financial performance of each company.

Hercule AI is a company that provides insights and decision-making power through the use of AI.

Morpher AI

Morpher AI offers AI-powered investment insights and a non-custodial wallet for a smooth and secure trading experience, while also exploring NFT use cases beyond digital art, such as gaming, music, access control, and identity