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Paradot AI is a personal AI friend app that provides support, companionship, and engaging conversations on various topics, with customizable appearance and personality.

Marcus Aurelius AI

Marcus Aurelius AI is a chatbot tool that provides personalized mentoring, daily stoic lessons, and stoicism quizzes to help individuals navigate life's challenges through the principles of Stoic philosophy, accessible for free with limitations and through a paid option


Seance AI is a platform that allows users to communicate with lost friends and family through AI, blending ancient mysticism with cutting-edge technology.

Venty Chat is a safe space for users to express their thoughts and emotions, providing thoughtful advice and support while maintaining anonymity


MindMateGPT is an AI-powered mental health tool that uses your MBTI type to create customized therapy and offers strategies for stress management, personal growth, relationship improvement, and more.


Therabot is a social robot designed to support emotional wellness in both children and adults, and it has shown promise in terms of therapeutic interventions

Robot Spirit Guide

The Robot Spirit Guide offers a unique perspective on religious books, providing guidance and insights into their meanings and interpretations.


BFF is an AI companion app that texts you once a day about your life, discussing your career, goals, relationships, and/or emotions, and is available for purchase in iMessage with a free version and a Pro version for $10 a month.


PageFelt is an AI life coach that provides AI-generated content, feedback, tips, and content recommendations to help users succeed based on their entries, and it offers non-intrusive bookmarks that display after daily sessions are complete