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Websites & Design

Canva AI

Canva is a visual suite that allows users to design, collaborate, create presentations, and edit videos, with a free app available for download.


Bubble AI is an artificial intelligence tool integrated into the Bubble platform.

Piktochart AI

Piktochart AI is a free tool that allows users to quickly and easily create visually appealing infographics on any topic using AI-generated templates that can be customized to enhance the visual story while remaining on-brand.


The Mobirise AI Website Builder is a free online tool that uses AI to automatically generate aesthetically pleasing and high-functioning websites based on user prompts and preferences, making it ideal for non-techies and those looking for efficient design options

Zarla AI

Zarla offers an AI website builder that allows users to create a professional website quickly and easily.


Tldraw is a startup that offers a tiny little drawing app that allows users to draw a website, hit the "Make Real" button, and it turns into a real website using AI technology.

Locofy is a tool that converts designs into production-ready code for mobile and web applications, helping builders launch products 5-10 times faster and offering a plugin for Figma and Adobe XD

Fronty is a website that offers an AI-powered image to HTML/CSS converter and website creation services with features such as custom domain attachment, hosting, backups, SEO-friendliness, and mobile-friendliness.

Shuffle is a chat-based template builder that uses AI and offers various online editors for popular CSS frameworks, UI components, and templates for different industries.