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Audie AI

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#30 is a platform that offers automated conversion of written content into audiobooks, with different packages catering to various content creators and publishers


  • 🎵 Audio Conversion: offers the ability to convert your book to an audiobook automatically.
  • 📣 AI Voice Generator: The platform provides human-like AI voices for marketing, education, and explainer videos through its AI Voice Generator, Genny.
  • 🤖 Emotion-Based AI Voice: Revoicer offers over 80 human-sounding AI text-to-speech voices with the ability to add emotions such as friendly, cheerful, sad, and excited to the AI voice tone.
  • 📚 Customizable Packs: offers different packs tailored to specific needs, such as the Creator Pack for content creators, the Publisher Pack for independent authors and publishers, and the Book Pack for growing publishers and companies. Each pack has different character limits, making it suitable for various content types.


  • 💬 Creator Pack: offers a Creator Pack for content creators who want to convert their short publications, ads, and more into audiobooks automatically. The pack allows up to 50,000 characters.
  • 📚 Book Pack:’s Book Pack is designed for growing publishers and companies that want to convert their entire audiobook. The pack allows up to 1,000,000 characters.
  • 🎙️ Narration: allows users to choose from a wide variety of voices to narrate their audiobook, including deep British males, African women, Indian women, American males, and many more. Users can even clone a voice if they have a specific preference.
  • 📖 Textbook Audiobooks: offers textbook audiobooks that allow students to actively engage in the note-taking process while listening to the audiobook.
  • 🚗 AI in Production: Audi uses artificial intelligence (AI) in production to monitor the quality of spot welds and detect quality defects such as small cracks in the car body. The goal is to make production and logistics more flexible and efficient through innovative technologies.


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Audi AI incorporates a new hybrid voice control that includes media, climate control, and some telephone functions, as well as certain Audi connect services. This voice control system works across borders in Europe and allows the driver to interact with the vehicle using natural language and voice commands.
The "Audi Q2 deep learning concept" is a pre-development project of Audi Electronics Venture (AEV), an AUDI AG subsidiary. It is a use case for machine learning that was presented by Audi and involves a front camera with two-megapixel resolution for orientation, which communicates with an NVIDIA Drive PX 2 computer unit to initiate various functions related to piloted driving.

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