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LanguageTool is a writing assistant that detects overused phrases, foreign terms, redundant words, and improper word choice, and can also paraphrase sentences using artificial intelligence.


Semantic Scholar is a free, AI-powered search and discovery tool that helps researchers discover and understand scientific literature that's most relevant.

Scite_ is an award-winning platform for discovering and evaluating scientific articles via Smart Citations, trusted by leading universities, publishers, and corporations across the world, with over 650,000 users.

Saga AI

Saga AI is an AI-powered workspace that allows users to create new content, brainstorm ideas, translate, check grammar, and rewrite text in just a few clicks, and it uses the most advanced available large language models developed by providers such as OpenAI and Anthropic.

Interactive Mathematics

IntMath's AI Math Problem Solver offers step-by-step solutions and answers to various math problems, including word problems and equations, through a powerful mathematical computational engine and large language model artificial intelligence

Sharly AI

Sharly AI is an advanced tool that uses AI to summarize content from various formats, making it ideal for professionals dealing with lengthy documents and audio recordings, enhancing efficiency and productivity


Litmaps is a literature map software that empowers researchers in their literature discovery and management process, enabling every academic to find and manage papers better, as endorsed by various universities and research institutions worldwide is an AI-powered platform that enables users to interact with various AI assistants and tools, enhancing their experience and productivity

Basmo Chatbook

Basmo is an app that helps you achieve your reading goals by tracking your progress, analyzing your reading habits, and providing insightful statistics about your reading speed, frequency of reading sessions, and emotional state while reading. It also allows you to set reading goals, create a reading schedule, and keep a reading journal to improve your reading experience