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ShopApp offers an AI-powered shopping assistant through its app, allowing users to enjoy personalized shopping support and fast, secure checkout with various payment options.


HeyGen is an AI-powered video creator that transforms scripts into talking videos with customizable AI avatars, streamlining the video production process and enhancing online presence for businesses and individuals alike

Blink & Shop is an online platform offering a variety of products including men's wear, the latest Macbook, Apple Watch, indoor plants, headphones, speakers, and trimmers, with some links being affiliate links and the site being ad-free and unbiased

Cue AI

Cue is an AI-powered coding agent that helps developers build software faster by implementing tasks from short descriptions, refactoring code, and writing tests

Hulk Helper

HulkHelper AI is an AI agent that provides top-quality product recommendations based on your shopping needs, sent straight to your email.

Supercreator is an AI-powered platform that helps users create professional-quality videos by providing tools to enhance and repurpose content, generate catchy titles and hashtags, and turn videos into written posts.