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Julius AI

Julius AI is a personal data analyst tool that specializes in analyzing structured data, making data analysis accessible to individuals without a background in data science or statistics.


MonkeyLearn is an all-in-one text analysis and data visualization platform that simplifies the process of cleaning, labeling, and visualizing customer feedback, enabling users to gain instant insights and create custom machine learning models for tasks like sentiment analysis and topic classification

Hex's Magic AI tools bring cutting edge LLM capabilities to where you're already working, allowing you to use AI to accelerate data projects, without switching tabs, and includes features such as Magic Analysis, Magic SQL, and Magic Charts.

GRID 2.0

GRID is a platform that allows users to build an interface on top of their spreadsheet, without any coding, and build slick, interactive web tools and calculators that can be shared securely or published online.

TheReviewIndex is a website that offers a tool called TheReviewIndex PRO, which automatically categorizes feedback into fine-grained topics cut by sentiment, allowing businesses to benchmark competition and understand category trends.

June AI

June is a product analytics platform for B2B SaaS, offering unique value immediately and enabling users to gain new insights with just a few clicks

Breadcrumbs Reveal

Breadcrumbs Reveal is a free tool that provides insights into customer data, lead scoring, and email data hygiene, helping businesses enhance customer experience, boost conversion rates, and improve email deliverability


Swaggy Stocks is an all-in-one stocks and crypto social analytics platform that tracks market-related comments, U.S. stocks, commodities, and trending equities, providing tools to understand stock market sentiment.

Kyligence Copilot

Kyligence Copilot is an AI-powered tool that allows users to communicate intuitively with their data and metrics, enabling natural language conversations, personalized insights, and real-time analytics to excel KPIs and make metrics-driven decisions