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Buoy Health

Buoy Health is a platform that helps people assess their symptoms, find relevant health information, and locate the right care through AI-driven personalized questioning and content written by medical experts

Dream Interpreter

PracticalPie's Dream Interpreter is an AI tool designed to help users understand the meanings behind their dreams by providing detailed explanations, aiming to aid self-reflection and not to replace therapy or medical intervention


Beducated is the #1 online platform for sexual health & happiness, offering a unique library of 100+ online courses created by top experts to help individuals improve their love lives within a safe space, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, or sexual experience.

Romantic AI is an AI-powered chatbot that operates in two modes, general and romantic, and is designed to maintain mental health by providing caring, supportive, and playful conversation.


Ubie is an AI-powered platform that helps users check symptoms and find causes, providing personalized reports and treatment information.


MediSearch is a platform that provides science-based answers to medical questions and supports business growth in the healthcare industry

Babylon Health

Babylon Health is a platform that allows users to video call doctors anytime, anywhere, and access various healthcare services, including medical advice, referrals, sick notes, and prescriptions

Dream Decoder

Dream Decoder is an AI-powered life assistant tool that offers personalized dream interpretation, symbolism exploration, and dream journal integration for users to better understand their dreams and their subconscious thoughts and feelings

Youper AI

Youper is an empathetic and clinically validated chatbot using artificial intelligence to provide mental health support, incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and proven effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression